Abandoned House in Lot, Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1941

Greek Revival House with Recessed Entry Porch, 1930-31

Belle Grove Plantation House with Tree Stump, White Castle, Louisiana, 1935

View of Houses on Hillside, Easton, Pennsylvania, 1935

Burning Wood House, 1928-1930

Queen Anne House with Patterned Masonry Chimney, New York, 1931

Garconniere at Houmans House, Burnside, Louisiana, 1935

Clapboard House, Ossining, New York or Charleston, South Carolina, 1930-35

Switchman's House, Train Yard, Chicago 1946

Three-Story Clapboard House, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, 1974

Wedding Cake Style House, Louisiana, 1973

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